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May 2018: Your Hand Hygiene News

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If you've tried changing healthcare worker behavior to improve hand hygiene compliance in your hospital and it hasn't worked, then this presentation is for you!

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Improving hand hygiene (HH) compliance is less about changing behavior and more about building meaningful partnerships with frontline managers. Jeffrey Ford will identify four conversations that generate engagement, reduce resistance, and create change. Peggy Zemansky will share her 4-year journey to sustained improvement and culture change with electronic HH monitoring.

WHO May 5th Calls to Action for Sepsis Prevention

May 5th was international "Clean Your Hands" day. Every year on May 5th, the World Health Organization (WHO) raises awareness around hand hygiene (HH), and this year they focused on sepsis, which affects more than 30 million people worldwide, and in the U.S. alone, affects more than 1.5 million people and results in more than 250,000 deaths annually. Healthcare-associated infections are a common risk factor for sepsis, and HH is a core infection prevention activity to help avoid infections that can lead to sepsis. Click on the link to see the WHO call to action.

Influence of Handprint Culture Training on Compliance of Healthcare Workers with Hand Hygiene

Because microorganisms are not visible, healthcare workers (HCWs) are not always aware of when or the degree to which their hands are contaminated. This study used handprint cultures before and after hand hygiene (HH) as a visual tool to convince the HCWs about the effectiveness of alcohol-based hand rubs on the bacterial load in the hands. As a result, the missed opportunities according to the 5 Moments of HH declined from 78% to 30% (p value < 0.001) with a parallel reduction in rates of positive cultures.

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