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May 2019: Your Hand Hygiene News

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Join us for the GOJO Symposium at APIC Annual Conference as Sylvia Garcia-Houchins, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at The Joint Commission, unravels the mystery of The Joint Commission survey and expectations around hand hygiene. Space is limited. Don't miss this opportunity to hear directly from The Joint Commission!

Multidrug-resistant organisms in hospitals: What is on patient hands and in their rooms?

Most hand hygiene focus is on staff and not patients; however, studies suggest that patients' hands are contaminated with multi-drug resistant organisms (MDRO). This study explored the prevalence of MDRO on patients' hands and in their rooms within 24 hours of arrival and the rate of new MDRO acquisition on hands and surfaces. The data suggests that patient hand and surface contamination are correlated.

Persistence of Candida auris on latex and nitrile gloves with transmission to sterile urinary catheters

Improper glove use along with failure to perform hand hygiene prior to donning gloves have been longstanding issues in healthcare. This study from the journal Medical Mycology explored the ability of Candida auris to persist on contaminated gloves and be transmitted to urinary catheters. The findings support the importance of appropriate glove use and hand hygiene, especially in light of the global health threat that Candida auris presents.

2017 National and State Healthcare-Associated Progress Report

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the 2017 HAI progress report. Highlights include a 9% decrease in CLABSI between 2016 and 2017, and decreases in C. difficile, CAUTI, VAE, and SSI. While much work remains to be done, this latest report is a bright spot in hospitals' ongoing commitment to patient safety.

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