MRSA Facts – Know Your Opponent

Athletes are over seven times more likely to contract MRSA than non-athletes. So while musculoskeletal injuries get all the press, infection prevention is still more important than ever. Download this helpful infographic to see just how serious MRSA can be for athletes.

Find out How Your Infection Prevention
Program Stacks Up

Winning takes pride, commitment and focus. When athletes are locked in on their goals, they're at their best - but when they're sick, that focus is compromised. The PURELL® brand gives athletes the confidence to get in the game without distractions like illness. 

The PURELL SOLUTION was shown to keep facilities healthier by reducing bacteria by 95%, and MRSA from 13% to 0%¹. For a free site evaluation from a PURELL SOLUTION Facility Consultant that includes product recommendations, placement guides and staff training, fill out this form to schedule your appointment.