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March 2019: Your Monthly Hand Hygiene News

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MYTH: Alcohol-based hand rubs are more damaging to skin than soap and water

BUSTED! A common misconception among frontline healthcare workers (HCW) is that alcohol-based hand rubs are more damaging to skin than soap and water. Learn how this pervasive myth contributes to a cycle of skin damage that is difficult to break, and how hand hygiene products should be used properly to avoid skin damage in the first place. All HCW should watch this video.

Hand hygiene in hospitals: anatomy of a revolution

When it comes to hand hygiene, where have we been, and where do we need to go? Authors Vermeil and Pittet offer an overview of key events and trends in the history of hand hygiene that, in their words, "highlights the importance and complexity of a change that seems simple and is easy to take for granted."

Human factors-based risk analysis to improve the safety of doffing enhanced personal protective equipment

Ebola patients treated in the U.S. highlighted the failures in personal protective equipment (PPE) doffing procedures. In collaboration with the CDC Prevention Epicenter Program, Gurses and colleagues assessed PPE doffing failure modes in an effort to identify potential mitigation strategies to decrease self-contamination risk.

Mixed-methods analysis of glove use as a barrier to hand hygiene

Healthcare has become a culture of gloving, but could gloves be doing more harm than good? This study employed qualitative and quantitative methods to characterize glove use as a potential barrier to proper hand hygiene.

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