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Hand hygiene in the wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the landscape of business and social activities, leading to a huge amount of uncertainty among business owners and education providers.

Many are trying their best to get back to normal, but are not sure what they need to do to keep staff, customers and students safe and stay on the right side of duty of care regulations and government guidelines around COVID-19.

How GOJO can help

As an expert in hand hygiene and skin health, GOJO can provide guidance, checklists and visual assets to help businesses and education providers select the right products. Receiving quality information that is firmly based on science is crucial to reassuring the public at a time of such uncertainty. Click on the links below to download marketing and supporting materials carefully tailored to end-users' needs in a number of different markets.

Office buildings

With so many people working in close proximity to each other, and lots of shared spaces such as meeting rooms and kitchens, offices can provide the perfect conditions for germs to spread. The good news is that an effective hand hygiene program can help kill the germs that cause common illnesses.

Our helpful guides explain what to look for in hand hygiene products, and where and how they should be used, helping facilities managers make informed decisions on how to protect the health and safety of the staff and visitors in their buildings.

Food services

Food hygiene has always been of vital importance to restaurants, cafes and food preparation companies. However the changes imposed on these businesses as a result of COVID-19 mean that even the most prepared businesses have had to rethink their approach to hand hygiene, especially the provisions for customers.

Our helpful guides help staff select the right products for the right areas, including areas where food taint integrity is important, as well as showing staff and customers how best to wash their hands to ensure that harmful germs do not spread. 

Warehousing and manufacturing

Hand hygiene in many sectors has long been more concerned with removing tough soils than it has been with killing germs. However, the Coronavirus pandemic means that reducing the spread of germs has become an important consideration for those in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors.

It can be tough to establish a new hand hygiene regime when you are not sure how best to do so, but as skin health and hand hygiene experts, GOJO have put together a few guides to help business owners select, place and use products effectively, including a guide on what to look for in a good hand sanitiser! 


It's a common complaint among parents that schools and nurseries are a hotbed of coughs and sneezes, which children pass around to each other. Now more than ever, schools and education facilities need to ensure that not only are hand hygiene solutions available and fit for purpose, but that everyone is using them correctly.

These guides, developed by skin health & hand hygiene specialists GOJO not only show building managers where best to site soap and sanitiser dispensers for maximum impact, but also how to spot a quality product. There are also posters and social media posts to remind staff, students and visitors of how best to practice hand hygiene and it's importance in maintaining a healthy environment.

Join the Hand Wash Squad!

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