Stop Cross-Contamination Before It Starts

Up to 60% of all restaurant-related illness and outbreaks each year can be traced to norovirus, and the virus can live on surfaces for weeks.¹ These startling facts make it critical for your establishment to focus on food safety measures that will help eradicate this persistent pathogen.

The NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program is designed to eliminate the guesswork in the fight against norovirus. Foodservice operators can sign up for assessment tools that empower you and your employees to identify and address areas that could be hot spots for norovirus. These resources are rooted in FDA-backed science and research, which traced how transmission begins in restaurant restrooms and quickly travels to other hot spot surfaces in the kitchen and dining room.²  

Escalation Levels

Outbreaks can be extremely costly to your bottom line as well as your reputation. Practicing prevention now can help you avoid serious financial consequences later. One study showed a single foodborne incident can cost a restaurant thousands of dollars – or even millions if there are legal fees, lawsuits, and fines.³

In addition to the information you will learn from the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program, it is important to remember one of the most effective ways to prevent a norovirus outbreak in a foodservice establishment is using daily wellness checks to screen and exclude sick employees.4 Click here for a list of other important measures that should act as the foundation of your food safety management system. Combine these steps with the tools from the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program to build and maintain a proper norovirus prevention plan.

³“Estimated Cost to a Restaurant of a Foodborne Illness Outbreak,” Sarah M. Bartsch, Lindsey Asti, Sindiso Nyathi, Marie L. Spiker, and Bruce Y. Lee, Public Health Reports, April 16, 2018.

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About the Program

The NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program is directly based on research that included findings from a comprehensive risk assessment study conducted by the FDA to track norovirus transmission on various surfaces throughout dining establishments. See the full study from the FDA here.

Hal King, Ph.D
Hal King, Ph.D

This presentation by the managing partner of Active Food Safety explains why and how the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program was created.

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Active Food Safety and PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer leverage combined expertise to bring the best resources to the foodservice industry.

Norovirus Transmission Cycle

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A key to implementing a successful NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ Program is using the right product. PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer kills norovirus in 30 seconds and is formulated for food-contact surfaces with no rinse required. This convenient, ready-to-use, multi-surface product provides peace of mind to employees and inspires confidence with a name guests know and trust.

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