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Stop Cross-Contamination Before It Starts

Nearly 60% of all foodborne related illness each year can be traced to norovirus¹, with most of these outbreaks occurring in food service settings, like restaurants², and in these environments the virus can live on surfaces for weeks³. These startling facts make it critical for your foodservice establishment to focus on food safety measures that will help eradicate this persistent pathogen.

And the benefits extend beyond norovirus. A strong program to reduce risk of cross-contamination can prepare you to deal with other germs that can spread on high-touch surfaces, such as human coronavirus.

The NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program is designed to eliminate the guesswork in the fight against norovirus. The program is based directly on research that included findings from a comprehensive risk assessment study conducted by the FDA to track norovirus transmission on various surfaces throughout dining establishments. It focuses on ways transmission begins in restaurant restrooms and quickly travels to other hot spot surfaces in the kitchen and dining room.4

Proper Preparation Can Protect Your Reputation 

Outbreaks can be extremely costly to your bottom line, as well as your reputation. One study showed a single foodborne incident can cost a restaurant thousands of dollars – or even millions if there are legal fees, lawsuits, and fines.5 

Practicing prevention now can help you avoid serious consequences later. The principles of the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program will prepare you not only for the risk of norovirus outbreaks, but for other pathogens that could spread on high-touch surfaces, as well. It’s an important step to ensure you’re doing everything you can to enhance and protect the health of your employees, guests, business, and reputation.

Did You Know?

Norovirus outbreaks declined dramatically during the 2020-2021 season. Recent research by the CDC shows that COVID-19 related control measures may be primarily responsible for this decrease.

Click here to visit CDC.gov for more information.

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About the Program

Learn more about how the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program was created, read supplementary tools, and sign up for more information. 

Hal King, Ph.D

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A Powerful Partnership

Active Food Safety and PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer leverage combined expertise to bring the best resources to the foodservice industry.

Prevention Research

Before you start the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program, learn about this pathogen with this bulletin, featuring the latest CDC research. 

Program Toolkit

Foodservice operators can sign up for the NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program to take advantage of robust assessment tools and resources. 

PURELL Foodservice Surface Sanitizer

A key to implementing a successful NOROVIRUS HOT SPOT™ + COVID-19 Program is using the right product. PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer kills norovirus and human coronavirus in 30 seconds. It is formulated for food-contact surfaces with no rinse required. This convenient, ready-to-use, multi-surface product provides peace of mind to employees and inspires confidence with a name guests know and trust.