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Strong and Effective Formulations Without Compromise 

Making Well-Being a Priority by Investing in Science and Innovation

Not all brands are the same. Formulation impacts both performance and user experience, two things that are vital for a trusted hand sanitizer and surface spray. Ours are the result of decades of investing in scientific innovation.

From hand hygiene to surface sanitizer formulations, we believe each ingredient must work in harmony with the others, ensuring they not only kill germs, but also are gentle enough for skin, and deliver an impression that is pleasing to the senses. These carefully selected ingredients allow our products to be light, pleasing and low-fragrance, with no stickiness or residue left behind – ideal for use around food and guests.

As we develop PURELL® brand formulations, these are the considerations we're meticulous to keep in mind: 
  • Using high-quality ingredients and safe chemistry
  • Conducting rigorous tests and applying the latest research
  • Striving to achieve third-party certification
As a result, the PURELL® brand is universally recognized and trusted by customers and employees for providing effective protection from germs.¹ And, according to a recent survey about public spaces, the PURELL® brand is the most preferred among consumers than the top leading hand sanitizer brands combined.² Formulation counts.

With PURELL® products, you get the strength you need to kill germs without compromise, letting you take credit for all the things you do to maintain a clean, high-quality establishment that prioritizes their well-being. The investments we continuously make in these formulations means you can be confident you’ve made the right choice, providing customers and employees hand hygiene and surface products that work and that they feel great about using.

Featured Retail Foodservice PURELL® Products

All PURELL® products are built on decades of scientific research, innovation, and rigorous testing. Safe, effective, and proven in the most critical moments – having the #1 brand of hand sanitizer used in hospitals² will send a powerful message to your customers and employees.

That’s because, in addition to offering formulations with strong efficacy and rapid kill times, by having PURELL® products prominently accessible an establishment shows they care about cleanliness, health, and well-being. 

Our popular PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer, which kills human coronavirus in 60 seconds4, is available to order in 32 oz & 1-gallon quantities. A one-step sanitizer and cleaner that is powerful enough to kill viruses but has no precautionary statements, it’s proven effective across most hard and soft surfaces, including being formulated for food contact ones, with no rinse required on surfaces and no hand washing necessary after use.

We’ve also made available a number of limited-supply products developed in a range of sizes to quickly meet the demands of establishment like yours. Unique times call for unique solutions and while some these products may look different, they still contain the same trusted formulations.

Interested in any of these products? Fill out the form at the top of the page to have a GOJO representative contact you.

PURELL® Foodservice Surface Sanitizer

  • 32 fl oz Capped Bottle with Spray Trigger in Pack
    • SKU: 3341-06
  • Gallon Refill
    • SKU: 4341-04

PURELL® DS360 High Capacity Hand Sanitizing Wipes Station

  • Premium, high-capacity floor stand dispenser for PURELL® wipes
      • 9114-01-SLVHSW

Touch-Free Dispenser Stands with Energy-on-the Refill for PURELL® Hand Sanitizer

  • PURELL MESSENGER™ ES8 Graphite Panel Floor Stand with Dispenser
      • SKU: 7318-DS-SLV
  • PURELL® ES8 Dispenser Floor Stand
      • SKU: 7218-DS
  • PURELL® ES1 Push-Style Hand Sanitizer Dispenser and 450 mL Refill
      • SKU: 4424-D6

    PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel

    • 64 oz Refill
        • SKU: 9684-04
    • 12.6 oz in DAWN bottle, with pump
        • SKU: 9747-12-S
    • 2 oz Portable Pump Bottle
        • SKU: 9606-24-S
    • 8 oz Tabletop Bottle
        • SKU: 4040-12-S

    Committed to Delivering the Products You Need

    At GOJO, we make it a priority to ensure restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores have access to high-quality well-being solutions and formulations of hand sanitizer and surface sprays. To address hand sanitizer shortages, we are shipping more than a billion uses of hand sanitizer per week across all our markets in North America alone. We are overcoming many supply challenges to meet demand, and we won’t stop until you have the products you need.

    Our Restaurant Commitment

    From the front of the house to the back, we’re your trusted partners, helping keep you, your employees, and guests stay healthy with PURELL® products.

    Partnering with Grocery and Convenience Stores

    We’ve never felt more responsibility to deliver on our commitment to providing you PURELL® products that help maintain food safety and strengthen customer loyalty.