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How to Combat Cross-Contamination from Hands & Surfaces

As an enrollee in our “How to Combat Cross-Contamination from Hands & Surfaces” series, part of our PURELL® Food Safety – Table Talks program, you’ll get:

    • Exclusive access to 3 rich expert-led discussions
    • Valuable insights from Food Safety thought leaders
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NOW AVAILABLE - Session 3, “On the Surface? Deep Links Between Cross-Contamination and Surfaces,” with James Marsden, Ph.D., Chipotle’s former Executive Director of Food Safety and current Executive Director of Science and Technology for RGF Environmental, and Hal King, Ph.D., Chick-fil-A’s former Director of Food and Product Safety and current Managing Partner of Active Food Safety. 

Don’t wait! In this third session, our experts will discuss:

    • The frequency that cross-contamination occurs from poor surface sanitation practices
    • What should be done to minimize the risk of pathogens getting onto surfaces
    • How to be proactive at controlling pathogens on surfaces within a retail foodservice establishment

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