PURELL®Advanced Hand Sanitizer is ready to fit your facility's needs.

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CS2 Dispensers

Reliable & cost-effective push-style hand sanitizer and soap dispensers specially designed to meet the needs of long-term care.

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Hand Sanitizer

We now have a number of products developed in a range of sizes to quickly meet your hand-hygiene needs. While some of these products may look different on the outside, they still contain the same safe, trusted, efficacious and skin-friendly formulations inside.

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Stay Ahead of

F‑Tag 880

We understand the challenges that come with renewed focus on F‑Tag 880 requirements and updates to CMS regulations. Alcohol-based hand rub placement and efficacy are critical for compliance and maintaining patient safety. Know that we are your partner for delivering safe and effective products in a variety of flexible dispensing formats to fit your needs.

Learn More: F‑Tag 880   CMS Regulations

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The Most Trusted Hand Sanitizer

Brand in Healthcare

As the #1 hand sanitizer brand2 most known by patients and visitors, our reputation is supported by the 83% of healthcare workers who recommend PURELL® products.3

Kill Germs

Build Trust

Studies show that the PURELL® brand enhances positive perception, with 80% of people having a more positive impression of your facility.4

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